Enriched Lifestyle
with Smart Energy Consumption

Take Full Control of Your Energy Lifestyle with EnerTalk

No more surprises in your bill.  Use comfortably.

Track your energy usage in real time just like your footsteps.

Manage your monthly energy usage.

Forecast upcoming bills.

Identify energy guzzlers at home.

Understand your environmental impact.

See how your neighbors are doing.

Your Usage,

Your Data,

In Your Hand!


Your usage data should always be accessible by you,
anytime, anywhere.

Identify energy guzzlers at home

Previously, It was difficult to find which appliances were consuming unnecessarily high electricity. Using Encored’s Energy Fingerprint technology, it is now possible to analyze each major appliance’s electricity consumption. Finally, you know exactly where to pinpoint your attention for smart energy consumption.





Lay the foundation of a connected home that ensures an energy efficient lifestyle while comfort and convenience are to their full extent. 

Connected Home with Smart Energy Companion

Smart home starts with accurate data and interoperability.
Create an ecosystem with EnerTalk to bridge many smart home devices. 


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