Building Energy Monitoring
with Big Data Analytics

Optimize your building’s energy operation with EnerTalk.

Reduce demand charges by managing peak demands.

Identify malfunctioning equipment and pinpoint your attention to it.

Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics Platform

 EnerTalk takes into account a variety of relevant data in real time, not just electric consumption to precisely analyze a building’s consumption pattern. This scrutinized process optimizes energy operation and lowers the maintenance and repair cost for valuable equipment.

Knowledge, Control, Empowerment.

In-depth knowledge about your building’s energy usage is the first step to actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

Drilling Down to Details

Detail is everything.

With more rich, detailed information on a building’s energy usage, we can identify inefficient parts of the operation, system or device that cause high operational costs.

EnerTalk provides extensive and detailed energy big data analytics for each site, floor, equipment type, and down to the device level to help lower operational costs and increase profit.

Key Features

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